June 14th- I Remember LA by Tolbran

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From Flamingo: Tolbran created this vid in the 1990s before the digital era by using two analog VCR machines and the patience of a saint. The vidder uses clips from both a short lived TV program that starred David Soul, UNSUB, and Starsky & Hutch to cleverly craft a constructed reality vid. It’s one of the most requested vids we show at SHareCon, but it has not been posted online until now. Thanks to Tolbran for giving us permission to archive this classic vid. The FanLore page for this vid is here (https://fanlore.org/wiki/I_Remember_LA).

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19 Responses to June 14th- I Remember LA by Tolbran

  1. ChocolateEgg says:

    Oh my goodness, Tolbran, thank you for this. This is such an emotional ‘episode’. Sweet. Sad. They belonged together forever. But life doesn’t always work out the way we want. Hutch remembers. I hope Starsky does, too. Thank you again for sharing this magnificent story. <3

  2. MatSir says:

    Tolbran, thank you for sharing this groundbreaking & heartbreaking video with us and thank you, Flamingo & pixies for giving it a home.

  3. Lapfordlass says:

    Thanks for sharing. Lovely but too heartbreaking!

  4. Nancy Roots says:

    Beautifully sad. Thank you, Tolbran for this very poingnant vid. KUDOS

  5. Mortmere says:

    I’m so happy I finally got to see this vid that I’ve heard so many people talk about over the years! It’s beautiful and poignant, and the UNSUB clips work like a charm! Many thanks to Tolbran and to the admins for bringing this classic online.

  6. kat says:

    I love this vid. It is so well done regardless of the age or era or equipment. I have watched it probably 50 times over the years. It’s the vid that inspired me to make a “fantasy” constructed reality vid in Pros. Thank you, Tolbran!

  7. Martha J Sayre says:

    I’m so very happy to see this vid shared on line at last. I absolutely love it and am so glad more people can now enjoy it.

  8. Pat says:

    Especially considering the era in which it was made, I’m speechless. Many, many thanks to Tolbran for all that effort at the time, and permission to share the vid here. And more thanks to Flamingo and her helpers who made it possible.
    In my head canon, they stayed together and are still together today. But this is beautifully done! Thanks, Everyone!

  9. Bertha Trusdell says:

    This is my very favorite S/H vid. It makes me cry every time I watch! Even when I just hear the song, I see the vid playing in my head….and still cry!!!

    Thank you, Tolbran,,. for creating such a beautiful vid and for allowing it to be posted. Thank you, Flamingo… for posting it here, for all to see.

    I’m gonna go now and grab a box of tissues and then set the vid on ‘repeat’…

  10. silver chipmunk says:

    Oh so nice but oh so sad.

  11. hardboiledbaby says:

    A fandom classic, I’m so glad it’s archived for posterity. Many thanks, Tolbran. Think I’ll go wallow in all the feels now…

  12. Lauren says:

    Thank you, Tolbran and Flamingo, for posting this vid. I had never seen it but had heard about it. So sad and poignant, and omg that final scene! And no, I’m not crying at all, there’s just something in my eyes.

  13. Maria (MHE) Priest says:

    So many thanks and kudos to Tolbran for creating this emotionally draining yet fabulous vid and to Flamingo et al for bringing it to this calendar.

  14. Laurel Van Dyke says:

    Wow! That was fantastic! Thanks for including it here in the Solstice Calendar.

  15. Tolbran says:

    Thank you all so much for the kind words. I never thought I would do a vid where they were not together and then I heard this song. However, I do consider it an alternate reality.

    • ChocolateEgg says:

      Tolbran, thank you so much for letting this be vid shared. I agree that it’s an alternate reality. Or horrible nightmare.

  16. wightfaerie says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  17. Garrideb (Monica M) says:

    Lovely! I’ve had the privilege of seeing this played at SHareCon, but I’m so glad it’s online now so I can watch it again. You do such a great job of evoking the bittersweet pain of walking away from love.

    I think my favorite moments are using the dip for “Nights when passion was invincible”, and also going from the hit in Sweet Revenge to David in Unsub looking troubled set to “There were moments in that lifetime / That my heart still replays”

  18. Dawn Rice says:

    What a classic. It does what vids should, creates a whole new episode of their lives. Very sad, but real to us. I’ve seen it many times, but it always makes me want to cry.

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