June 19th- Out by Mortmere

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  1. MatSir says:

    Beautiful, Mortmere. I gift you all the rainbow hearts and bow to your talents. Thank you.

  2. Lauren says:

    Aww, they’re in front of the Venice Place door ???❤❤❤
    And it’s that picture of David holding Paul…sigh

  3. Lisa A says:

    I’m just speechless!! How you can take an iconic photo of these two and turn it into something so much deeper, so much more loving is just awe inspiring!! I bow to your talent! Thank you, thank you for this most perfect gift!!

  4. Kira says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

    • Mortmere says:

      Thank you! Actually, thank *you* for posting your lovely Venice Place photos in one of the FB groups earlier this year. They had such good detail of those columns by the door that I finally got ahead with this picture that had been waiting to be finished since 2017.

  5. Redlongjohns says:

    Ahh the famous “straight buddies hold their friends up by their taint” pose. You ve made it so romantic. I LOVE YOUR ART!

    • Mortmere says:

      Straight buddies, indeed – something had to be done about it. I’m so glad you enjoy my art – I hope it inspires you! <3

  6. Onnakarot says:

    I love this so much!
    What a very beautiful image. Starsky’s feet breaking out of the drawing’s frame is so cool 😉 I adore your style.
    Yes, let’s go outside and kiss in front of Venice Place door.

    • Mortmere says:

      Thank you, Onna! I started this one years ago, but it seemed particularly apt to finish it during a time when half the world was in lockdown and longing to get out and hug and kiss people. Starsky’s foot poking out of the frame was a last-minute addition: the finished picture just looked silly with his foot cut off at the ankle, and then, a lightbulb moment – that foot wants OUT, too! I thought it’s in character for our boy.

  7. Nancy Roots says:

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thank you, Mortmere!! PERFECT!! Thank you for this oh-so-awesome Solstice gift! KUODS

  8. Pat says:

    Starsky’s foot sticking out of the frame is brilliant, Mortmere, as is the rest of the piece. Such a beautiful alteration to an iconic photo. Thanks so very much!

  9. kat says:

    This is stunning. So lovely and loving. Beautiful work! Thank you.

  10. silver chipmunk says:

    Oh lovely!

  11. Maria (MHE) Priest says:

    I don’t know how you do it! I instantly made the connection to that iconic photo of them, and you took that and made it your – and now our – own. Love this! Thanks for such a marvelous gift.

    • Mortmere says:

      Thank you, Maria! I’ve often just looked and wondered about the situation where that original photo was taken – did David grab Paul, or did Paul jump, or a little bit of both? And why? And what happened next? While the photo is slashy as hell as it is, I still wanted to make a slash version of it. I’m glad to hear you enjoy it!

  12. Admin says:

    The “carry picture” as we called it for years was the guys’ response to the proposed filming of the scene in Shootout where Hutch carries injured Starsky to the back office. The proposed scene had Hutch and the younger hitman carry Starsky but David said Hutch would never let the bad guys touch Starsky and would insist on carrying him alone. The director didn’t believe David could physically carry Paul, so they went outside so the guys could prove it would work. That’s why Hutch alone carries Starsky into the back room. And it’s why their expressions are so jubilant, since they got their way in the scene. And aren’t we all glad they did.

    • Mortmere says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we have photographic evidence of that behind-the-scenes incident. The clothes they wear in the photo indicate it was taken during the filming of “The Set-Up 2” – which kind of makes it even better, because then they had no known reason to do that except wanting to do it. It could’ve been just one of the many times they did that just for fun. 😉

  13. hardboiledbaby says:

    Aw, this makes me all kinds of happy, M. An iconic and beloved picture, now made even lovelier by your skillful work. Thank you!

  14. Garrideb (Monica M) says:

    I know I’m not saying anything that other commenters haven’t said already, but this is great… eye-catching, fun, and sweet! The ornate background of the Venice Place door makes the perfect frame, and I love how Starsky’s foot just can’t be contained!

    • Mortmere says:

      Thank you, Monica! I’m glad to hear you appreciate the VP door – I love that building so much, and the doorway is one of its most beautiful details. I’ve long wanted to do something with it, and I was so happy that I could finally finish this piece.

  15. Dianne Sancetta says:

    You always make such beautiful artwork. Thank you for this gift.

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