June 5th Gifts

Message in a Bottle
by wightfaerie

Safe for Work

Finding Home
by M H E Priest

Safe for Work

A Favor For Dobey
Part 2
by DPPatricks

Not Safe For Work

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2 Responses to June 5th Gifts

  1. Jenny / CallieDoodle says:

    Excellent addition to the series! Love all the characters, especially the dogs. Huggy’s dreadful experience just served to make taking down Long more personal – for all of us. Well done!

    • Pat says:

      I’m sorry I missed this comment, Jenny; I’d have responded immediately. My friend, MariaPriest, just told me it was here. Thank you so much for reading and then for leaving your kind LoC. I hope you get notified that I’ve responded.
      Take care and stay safe and well!

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