June 5th- Faded Knight by M. Vernet

The red bricks of the city
Reflect the Summer heat.
His hands are hot and gritty.
The paved street burns his feet.

The Knight was lost last night,
The city found him blind.
A faded Knight, not white
No charger, no partner kind.

Sweat pours as sun bakes
His weary, thoughtless mind.
He ponders what it would take
To leave pain and heat behind.

Below him the smoldering ground
Tries to pull him to his knees.
Will this tarnished Knight be found
By Death and her black steed?

Hot stagnant air is stirred
By the Red Knight’s horse’s roar.
His eyes by grateful tears are blurred
Red Knight saves White once more.

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36 Responses to June 5th- Faded Knight by M. Vernet

  1. matsir says:

    Wonderful poem. You don’t have to answer if it’s being too nosy, but I can almost hear this being sung like a filk song, do you write/sing?

    • mvernet says:

      Thank you, but sadly, no. I would love it if a poem of mine could be set to music. I am a History/Antique geek and sometimes channel an 19th century starving poet writing in a garret. I’ve got the finger-less gloves and quill pen to prove it. But above all I’m an original fangirl.

  2. provencepuss says:

    wonderful imagery. I can feel the desperation as the he struggles with his desperation the ‘cavalry’ arrives just in time. And I love the idea of combining the rescuing knight and his trusty charger to be Red.

    • mvernet says:

      Thanks! I love the idea of Hutch as a White Knight. And Starsky in a red tunic on a white charger. I can see them as Knights of the Round Table fighting for right.

  3. Spencer5460 says:

    Starsk, I am so so proud of you! You are so brave, my heart is quishing! -H

    • mvernet says:

      I’m glad I made your Heart quish. Hope it didn’t lead to eye leakage. You know I love ya, Hutch. (No but… just love ya!)

  4. susan (taass64) says:

    Great imagery! I can really see and feel the heat and fear and desperation and then, finally, the relief. “eyes behind grateful tears…” Wow! That just gets to me.

  5. Duluth says:

    I love poetry. This set such a strong image of desperation. I see poor Hutch in the alley, totally defeated. Even strung out he had to feel like Starsky was that “red knight.” The only person he would have wanted there. Thats the scene i think of, anyway. ☺ Very nice descriptions!

    • mvernet says:

      I was thinking of ‘The Fix’, when Starsky pulls up. But also the alley behind Huggy’s. I love that alley. Nice mix of safety and danger depending on which side you are on. I love the back door with The Pits written on it and almost all worn off. And it has great brick work too. Great alley. When I wrote the poem I changed some of the words so that the alley would be timeless. (Ummm… well, that was a total geek out, sorry about that.)

  6. marianrose says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem. Hutch’s desperation really rings through the verse and I especially enjoyed the last line.

    • mvernet says:

      Many Thanks. There is no White Knight without The Red Knight. There is no Hutch without Starsky.

  7. Sam KW says:

    So beautiful, M! You’ve painted, Hutch’s incrustation and sadness- and hopelessness so beautifully. And the Red Knight will always be there for him, just as he is there for Red! Beautiful!

  8. Pat Ackor says:

    We all know that horses don’t “roar.” But we also know that our Red Knight’s ‘horse’ does, indeed, roar. I’m not a poet but I admire and appreciate the finesse it can take to choose exactly the right word in exactly the right place. In five brief stanzas, you’ve done it. I can’t think of anything to add to the deserved praises, above, except, thank you.

    • mvernet says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Horses don’t roar, but Torinos sure do. I did hesitate to write ‘roar’, but I kind of liked switching back and forth in time, like S&H are timeless Knights still idealistic, might for right, tilting at windmills. (also roar rhymes with more…so much for deep insight.)

  9. Mizelle says:

    A beautiful poem! I love the idea of the two of them as knights. And Starsky does look fabulous in red 🙂

    • mvernet says:

      Hey! Mizelle! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
      Only thing I like better than a Hutch White Knight is a Hutch Viking. This is what I think of when my Husband talks to me about light bulbs!

  10. bee says:

    It’s not that easy to capture me with a poem, though I admire authors for their writings.
    Your’s had me immediately – it’s written beautifully!!!

  11. Kat says:

    Well done. You packed a lot of punch in a short piece. Thanks!

  12. Dawnebeth says:

    I’ll admit I don’t know much about poetry, but this is quite lovely.

  13. Terri says:

    Yeah, The Fix, that awful bubonic plague one, The Plauge and so many more.
    Whoa. I read every word – 2x.

  14. Nancy says:

    Brava brava! Love it!

  15. Keri says:

    Nice job, love the line “By the Red Knight’s horse’s roar. Thank you!

  16. LauraY says:

    What a beautiful poem. Loved the whole concept of a Red Knight to complement the White Knight. The last two lines are just perfect.

  17. hardboiledbaby says:

    White Knight, faded and lost…. Palpable despair, and then the Red Knight arrives 🙂 skillfully done, MV, thank you.

  18. wightfaerie says:

    Wow. I’m not usually a poem person, but that got me right where it counts. Love the idea of them as knights. Can see Hutch feeling this way in the alley. Love The Fix, one of my favourite go to eppys. Thank you.

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